Top Vitamins For Weight Loss

Top Vitamins For Weight Loss

Today we are going to talk about the top vitamins for weight loss. We know that weight loss is no easy task. The dozens of various diets and therapies available today is a clear testament to this fact. However, there are some who claim that there are indeed vitamins for weight loss. Discover what is fact and what is fiction care of Ultimate Weight Loss Co.

Vitamin D

One of the first vitamins that comes to mind is vitamin D. This vitamin has a couple of purposes including calcium absorption. Those who swear by vitamin D say that it promotes weight loss by making the body respond better to insulin. It does this by pushing more of it into cells. The more “sensitive” the cells, the better to reduce calories that get stored in fat cells.

A lack of vitamin D is also linked to leptin, the hormone that basically tells the body to stop eating. Also, overweight and postmenopausal women who have enough vitamin D showed greater weight loss and better body composition.

Omega 3s

Proponents of omega 3s say that this fatty acid triggers the burning of fat in cells. Omega fatty acids can be found in fish but the positive effects will only happen as long as the food is not fried. Salmon is an excellent source and it has lots of vitamin D too. Other food that has omega fatty acids are certain nuts and seeds.


Antioxidants like polyphenols supposedly aid metabolism. Polyphenols that boost resting metabolic rate by up to 17% can be found in green tea. There are other ways that green tea can be considered as vitamins for weight loss. During winter, the craving to eat even when not hungry is quite high. Heating up with a cup of green tea helps stave this off and the soothing tea can reduce your cravings.

Monosaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAS)

This type of fat can be found in olive oil, avocados, chocolate and some nuts and seeds. Consumption showed evidence of improved calorie burning by 0.1% after 24 hours and 0.6% in 6 months. MUFAS can also keep blood sugar in check to reduce craving to eat unhealthy foods.

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